Regional manufacturer and distributor of the LEKA Roof systems for the eastern region.

Systems include:
  • Leka Warm Roof
  •  Orangery Roof
  • Leka Xi (Modular Wall & Roof system)
  • Carports

Your local LEKA Solid Warm Roof manufacturer

The Leka Warm Roof System stands as the result of groundbreaking innovation, rigorous technical design standards, and substantial practical expertise. This system is arguably the most superior conservatory roof solution available globally.

Both existing and newly constructed conservatories can experience significant enhancements through conservatory roof insulation. The Leka system effectively addresses these requirements, offering not only improved conservatory roof insulation but also an aesthetically pleasing appearance to complement it.

GRP Rafters

GRP rafters make the structure very strong, but also resistant to rot over time, It also prevents any issues with thermal bridging unlike other systems with aluminium alternatives. 


Insulated Celotex sheets are precisely installed with a 15mm gap from the internal Leka sheets. Celotex, a renowned UK insulation specialist, offers exceptional thermal efficiency, holds BBA certification, and plays a pivotal role in enhancing conservatory roof insulation. It’s worth noting that Leka roof’s ECO variants may utilize EPS polystyrene. We recommend consulting your installation company before making a purchase to explore your available options.

 Outer sheets & more insulation

Following this, we incorporate robust, load-bearing, and insulated outer sheets. These sheets reduce the need for numerous roofing bars while improving overall efficiency.

Our Leka outer boards have been meticulously designed to offer the following benefits:

  1. A structurally sound alternative to traditional plywood.
  2. A significantly lighter option compared to any other roofing board.
  3. A 100% waterproof outer layer.
  4. Enhanced thermal efficiency.

Furthermore, we cover the Leka external boards with a breathable membrane to provide an additional layer of weatherproofing. This membrane is meticulously laid across the external boards, extending down into the gutter system, ensuring an uninterrupted pathway for rainwater to drain.


Following the installation of a top-tier breathable membrane that extends seamlessly into the gutter system, we introduce a premium Slate or Metal roof tile system.

You have the choice of classic roof finishing tiles from suppliers like Tapco, Britmet, and Metrotile, depending on your property’s style and desired aesthetic.

These lightweight alternatives to traditional concrete tiles or slate tiles significantly enhance the overall appearance of the LEKA system, complementing the standout features of the main structure.